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Modeling massage

Modeling massage is a technique that uses intense and deep manual movements, with the aim of reorganizing the layers of fat and promoting the harmonization of the body silhouette.

When applied, it can help reduce measurements and retain fluids, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism and contribute to improving self-esteem.

This procedure can be combined with other techniques, such as radiofrequency and cavitation, or with active ingredients that increase local heat, such as creams and oils.

The main benefits of modeling massage are:

- Promote the improvement of body silhouette contours

- Break up fat cells and reduce their accumulation and cellulite;

- Stimulate the lymphatic system;

- Improve tissue oxygenation;

- Provide relaxation and reduce muscle tension;

- Improve bowel function, reducing constipation.

In order to have the desired effect, it is recommended to do the modeling massage in an aesthetic clinic and with a qualified professional, to avoid possible skin injuries. The massage can be performed 1 or 2 times a week, depending on the established protocol and lasts, on average, 40 minutes.

You can schedule your treatment with one of our specialist therapists...

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