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Healthy Weight Loss

Why is losing weight not just a question of aesthetics?

Obesity, according to the World Health Organization, is defined as a chronic disease of multifactorial origin in which excess accumulated fat reaches a level that affects health. Considered by the WHO itself to be the second preventable cause of death.

There is already a widely documented relationship between Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Insulin resistance, Dyslipidemia, HTN, Cardiovascular Disease and Non-alcoholic Steatotic Disease, among other pathologies.

In the vast majority of obese patients there is either hypertrophy or hyperplasia of adipose tissue, with 70 to 80% of these patients having a low-grade chronic inflammatory state called Lipoinflammation.

Therefore, these patients have more pro-inflammatory adipokines, less anti-inflammatory adipokines, less leptin release (known as the satiety hormone) and greater insulin resistance.

All these facts contribute to a less efficient Immune System, meaning that infectious pathologies tend to cause more serious clinical conditions in these patients associated with greater morbidity.

Obese or overweight patients should be encouraged to lose weight with caloric restriction and practice moderate physical exercise, adopting a healthy lifestyle that allows them to lose weight at the expense of fat loss and maintain their weight loss by assimilating definitively form a healthy lifestyle.

The Pronokal® medical weight loss treatment, being a Ketogenic, very low calorie, normoprotein diet with high biological value protein associated with DHA, offers you a multidisciplinary approach that will allow you to lose weight at the expense of fat, combat lipoinflammation and acquire new habits for a new healthy lifestyle.

What is the ketogenic diet or keto diet?

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a type of diet that essentially allows you to lose weight at the expense of fat. However, more and more types of ketogenic diets are emerging: low-fat, very low-fat and high-fat…

The only one that demonstrated efficacy and safety in weight loss, according to scientific studies, was the very low-fat ketogenic diet combined with physical activity and medical supervision, such as that followed in the PronoKal methods.

The Pronokal Method is a quick weight loss diet, healthy, with the support of a team of professionals and with whom you will see results in the first few weeks. You can choose between 3 options according to your Profile or carry out a Genetic Test that will guide you through the treatment with more confidence!

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