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I want to do Botox!

Botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as Botox, is a chemical substance whose function is to inhibit the exocytotic release of acetylcholine in the motor nerve terminals leading to a decrease in muscle contraction.

As we know that most fixed wrinkles originate from dynamic wrinkles, that is, from muscle contraction, their use in Aesthetic Medicine is intended to prevent the appearance or attenuate wrinkles.

The main benefits of botulinum toxin are:

1 - Minimize the effects of hyperactivity of the face muscles, which is responsible for the appearance of dynamic wrinkles;

2 - Soften expression lines and marks such as crow's feet, forehead lines and angry wrinkles in the center of the eyes.

3 - Improve self-esteem;

4 - Give the face a more rested and relaxed appearance;

5 - Control bruxism;

6 - It can be used in the treatment of axillary and palm-plantar hyperhidrosis, that is, in excess sweat production.

Botulinum toxin application is a quick, easy and virtually painless procedure that brings a significant improvement to your face.

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