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It all starts with Revok50®!

Patients often ask which treatment they should do first! Today, the market for advanced aesthetic medicine has many offers that can make a difference and prepare the face for quality rejuvenation.

Revok50® is a powerful skinbooster with a biostimulating effect that restores the skin's elasticity and firmness and stimulates the formation of collagen, associating high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and amino acids that contribute to general nutrition of the skin tissues.

With age, there is a change in the amount and structure of collagen in the skin. In turn, there is also a decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid. Both condition wrinkles and sagging. Skin aging is a multifactorial degenerative process, related to photoaging, oxidative stress and inflammatory response.

Revok50® stabilizes the electrolyte balance of the extracellular matrix by optimizing the biochemical reactions that take place in it, delays apoptosis (cell death) and tissue aging and exerts an anti-inflammatory and repairing action on the connective tissue. Finally, due to its high molecular weight, it is less susceptible to the action of endogenous hyaluronidase, with longer-lasting results.

Revok50® was recently launched in Portugal by the company Glutamine group Nutrisens* and was the subject of a workshop at the last Ibero-American congress of the Portuguese Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine (SPMEC). The workshop was presented and conducted by the speaker Dr Joana Gagliardini Graça.

Revok50® contains 50mg of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid associated with 195mg of the main amino acids that make up the collagen molecule. For this reason this product promotes revitalization, rehydration, regeneration and remodeling, in this sense we can classify it as a skinbooster plus.

Revok50® is indicated for skin dehydration, fine and medium wrinkles, skin lesions, stretch marks or scars and whenever we want to maximize the results of other aesthetic medicine procedures. Thus, we can consider Revok50® the zero step of any treatment in aesthetic medicine, as its effects in improving the quality of the skin allow (in the opinion of Dr Joana Gagliardini Graça) to obtain better results in subsequent treatments.

Revok50® can be applied to areas of the face (face in general) and body, such as the neck, décolleté, hands, abdominal stretch marks, etc.

The Revok50® treatment is now available at GPmédicos Clinica & Spa. The following images are of a 49-year-old female patient, with multiple fine/medium wrinkles in the frontal area of her face, without previous aesthetic medicine treatments, who seeks consultation to subtly attenuate her frontal wrinkles. An ampoule of Revok50® was applied, verifying the results presented in just 1 week.

You can schedule your free evaluation appointment at GPMédicos Clinica & Spa Porto and perform this treatment or others that you want with Dr Joana Gagliardini Graça.

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