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I want to do Laser Hair Removal. Which one is the best?

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

There is no doubt that laser hair removal is highly sought after and is practical and cost effective for anyone who cares about their beauty! Choosing the best laser is always a challenge.

To choose the best laser hair removal, you can consider 3 fundamental criteria: efficiency, safety for any skin tone and more comfort in the treatment. Among the most common options on the market are the diode, alexandrite and Nd YAG lasers.

Regarding efficiency, what is expected is that the process is effective and lasts as long as possible. In other words, it is intended that the depilation is 100% effective. The characteristics that will determine each effect are the intensity of the laser, wavelength, concentration, number of sessions, etc.

The alexandrite laser has waves of 755 nanometers in length. The shot can be performed several times at smaller amounts of energy until it manages to reach and destroy the hair root structure. The number of sessions can be greater than other types of laser to obtain a more effective result.

The ND YAG Laser has a wavelength of 1,064nm and low affinity for melanin. Because it has high depth it can be less effective. There is no guarantee that after an average of 12 sessions, the result will be 100% definitive.

The Diode Laser has a length of 810 nm and manages to reach the hair root very effectively. There are different types of equipment that use this type of laser and vary in the way it is fired and the size of the tip. These types of laser may require fewer sessions to achieve similar effectiveness results.


With regard to safety, you should look for treatment with less risk of burns or stains. In the case of stains, the strict advice given by professionals in the recommendations for avoiding sun exposure before and after treatment must be followed.

The alexandrite laser, due to its high attraction for melanin, is more suitable for fair skin. In black skins for this type of laser there may be risks of burns.

ND YAG laser, unlike alexandrite, does not have the high attraction technology of melanin. It can be performed on any phototype.

With the Diode Laser, the energy emitted by the laser beam only reaches the root of the hair, without expanding and directly affecting the melanin in our skin. As the diode laser does not affect areas of the skin, it is very safe to use on various phototypes.

Regarding the comfort related to the treatment, there are also many differences and whenever higher intensities are used, there can be pain with any equipment.

The alexandrite laser, when performed at its maximum energy, is normally painful, but due to its shorter wavelength, it is the laser with less pain in treatments.

The ND YAG laser with the longest wavelength is also the one that causes the most pain.

Diode lasers can benefit from cooling the tip in contact with the region and make the hair removal process practically painless.

In conclusion, the Diode Laser is the most adapted technology to carry out the depilation process. However, it can be more painful than the alexandrite laser and less than the ND YAG. The way of applying the treatment and technical training is essential to optimize the results.

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