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Chemical Peeling

The season of chemical peels has arrived...

It's time for your Peeling!

During summer, exposure to sunlight causes fine and deep wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, blemishes, loss of shine and rough skin.

So autumn is the ideal time to safely restore health to your skin.

Chemical Peeling, as the name suggests, is a treatment carried out with an acid duly approved for this purpose, which aims to produce a controlled burn of the skin that will promote cell renewal.

This is an in-office procedure, lasting around 30 minutes, with a short recovery time and resulting in softer, brighter skin with improvement in blemishes and wrinkles.

After the peeling, a cell regeneration routine must be followed, which will be prescribed by the doctor.

A hydration and aftercare routine is essential to solidify the results of the peeling, with personalized post-peeling advice being a fundamental part of improving the quality of your skin.

Schedule your Peeling now.

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