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What is the natural anti-aging effect?

More and more people are trying to delay aging, but sometimes they don't do it in a natural way that respects their anatomy and features. It is essential to be balanced in the choices and treatments developed. The natural anti-anging effect has two main objectives: 1st, seek to return immediately, in days or weeks, a younger image of our face. 2nd try to delay the natural aging that occurs due to expression wrinkles and alterations in the quality of the skin.

There are many treatments to obtain anti-anging effects, but the secret is to choose the most suitable treatment for each profile. The profile is identified by the experienced physician with specific training, who knows the strengths and limitations of each technique. The age, quality and type of skin, the anatomical location to be operated on and the user's expectations must be managed with the greatest care and discretion. This is the only way to achieve the necessary balance to achieve the natural anti-anging effect. A false step in this balance brings disastrous and sometimes incorrigible results.

The following example is very demonstrative of the natural anti-anging effect. A treatment on a face with slight expression wrinkles that have been attenuated and in some cases eliminated, bringing back the natural features of the face.

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