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Specific Pronokal PnG Expert for over 60s

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Knowing that weight loss is important for people over 60, the Pronokal brand launches PnKExpert in Portugal, a specific weight loss treatment for this age group.

Excess weight at an older age is a health risk for several reasons and is related to other comorbidities that contribute to functional limitations and reduced quality of life: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, type II diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Therefore, it is important to achieve and maintain a healthy weight after the age of 60 to gain quality of life and prevent/improve these effects.

«PnKExpert is a very effective and safe weight loss method for these age groups. It ensures adequate protein intake for these ages, supplements with HMB (increases protein synthesis and decreases protein degradation) and encourages moderate physical exercise aimed at muscle strengthening and adapted to the lifestyle of these patients. It is thus possible to ensure that our older patients lose weight at the expense of fat and remain active by promoting activities that increase their muscle strength and prevent falls, osteoporosis and other comorbidities typical of these age groups and which tends to increase mortality», says Joana Gagliardini, prescriber at PronoKal.

Pillars of PnKExpert:

· Nutrition adapted to your needs: Following a ketogenic diet, low in carbohydrates and fat, with an adequate supply of high biological value proteins (exclusive PorteinDHA formula) allows you to lose fat and preserve muscle mass (key to maintaining functionality ).

· Specific recommended supplementation: The doctor is responsible for recommending the necessary supplementation taking into account the needs of each one. The supplementation advised in this method, HMB Plus, favors the maintenance of muscle mass and strength, bone integrity and full coverage of vitamin and mineral needs.

· Physical activity: Excess weight in an older person is associated with a deterioration in strength and muscle mass, cardiovascular resistance and balance, which leads to a decrease in daily activities, a higher risk of falls and a loss of independence, among other consequences. Appropriate and monitored physical activity can thus be synonymous with a better quality of life.

· Coaching: Through techniques and tools we seek to enable people to improve their relationship with food and achieve changes in their lifestyle. Changes that, in addition to being physical, are also emotional, which are so important at this stage of life, when there is still so much to experience with quality.


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