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INCLUDES: Treatment includes Radiofrequency+Cavitation+Vacuotherapy

Cavitation is an effect produced by waves generated by ultrasound, causing the formation of bubbles or micrometric cavities in liquids containing gas. This procedure implodes the fat adipocyte membrane causing its contents to be released into the interstitial space, reducing local fat. Radiofrequency together with cavitation will enhance the elimination of fat, while firming the tissues, improving flaccidity. The technique is quite effective and it is possible to verify the results of Cavitation right after the first session. To enhance the effects of cavitational ultrasound, it is recommended to perform cavitation together with lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy sessions. Vacuum therapy is an aesthetic treatment, widely used in the fight against localized fat and cellulite, which consists of sliding a piece of equipment over the skin, performing a suction that detaches the skin from the muscle, being great for removing contractures and improving lymphatic circulation. Radiofrequency treatment, cavitation and vacuum therapy are used to eliminate localized fat. These techniques must also be complemented with Pressotherapy and Electrostimulation.

BodyShape Triple Action

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